Static Eliminator

Static Eliminator Devices are referred to as a High Voltage Generator or neutralizers. It emits a field of positive & negative iones that neutralizes, the static electricity present on synthetic material, Assist in eliminating bubble formation, sticking deviation of material and thus achieve 100 % result, Excella’s offers various model to solve the static problems in Printing, Folding & Processing of Textile, Packaging, Plastic, Film, Foil & Rubber inds Etc.


This instrument works on high voltage & Low current principle, The static Eliminator supply converts the primary (110V or 230VAC,50Hz) electricity supply in to a high voltage low amperage output. This output energy is transferred to the electrode through power cable.

In the discharge Electrode numbers of pins are fixed in series the bar emit this energy in the form of a field of ionized air, This ionized air supplies ions of both polarities, Thus, it is able to neutralize static charges of positive or negative, When a statically charged object or material passes through this electrode bar, The free moving ions are attracted to the opposite charge on the material, In this way the static electricity is neutralized.

Static Eliminator:

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E-SE-401R E-SE401R Pouch Packaging, Textile & Printing Inds
E-SE-401E E-SE401E Pouch Packaging M/cs.
E-SE-402M E-SE402M For Plastic Bag Mfrs Inds
E-SE401M E-SE401M Packaging Industries

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