Safety Light Curtain


EXCELLA’s safety light curtain comprising of Transmitter & Receiver with Criss-cross beam technology. This solid state design, given guarantee of Long Life, The instrument has separate transmitters & receiver of operating modulated beam mode.


High precise & reliable optical safety Light curtain to operators’s safety on like, Cutter m/cs, Shear m/cs, Brake & Power preses, Elevator etc.


  • Adopt new technology, PCB with strong ability of corrosion resistance and strong ability of field adaption, stable & reliable
  • Beautiful appearance design, easy installation, suitable for must brand elevators.
  • Optional for users to choose NPN/PNP Output without power supply.

Model with Technical Specifications:

Image Model Application PDF Download
E-530 E-530 For Power presses, Cutter m/cs.
E1000 E-1000 For Car Parking
E-2000 E-2000 Especially for Elevator Inds.

Safety Light Curtain, Speed Monitor