Miniature DC Motor


EXCELLA’s provides Miniature DC Motors are high quality Motors, equipped with powerful permanent magnets, DC Motor technology offers the distinct advantages of Low friction, Low starting voltages, high efficiency, good thermal dissipation & linear torque speed function. These compact small dc Motor’s are designed to deliver dynamic speed to torque performance with lower heating, We also offer a variety of gearheads & Encoders.

Miniture DC Motor Miniture DC MOTOR-1


  • High Power density
  • Smaller Diameter
  • High Motion efficiency
  • Speed up to 10000 rpm
  • High Acceleration
  • High efficiency, Smooth running
  • High power density


  • Automation & Robotics application
  • Medical Equipments
  • Chemical Industries
  • Machine Tools
  • Packaging Machines
  • Ticketing & Gaming Machines
  • Printing & Copier Machines


  • Range: 0.5W to 20W
  • I/P Supply : 6 /12/24VDC
  • Speed : 1 to 10000 rpm
Miniature Motor