Hollow Shaft Encoders are designed for accurately measuring speed and position of rotating shaft in Automation,distance detection,Especially in Elevator Industries.

A Hollow Shaft Encoder is one of the most common shaft design because of its versatility.A hollow shaft encoder fits over the motor shaft and is then clamped in place.It's held in position by a flexible tether.A hollow shaft encoder also has a more forgiving installation.The clamp and the tether can be used to adjust the position and to absorb shocks and vibration that could cause misalignment.


  • Robust Mechanical & Electrical construction
  • Protection Class IP54 & IP65
  • Resolution upto 108000 PPR
  • Max response frequency 300KHz
  • Maximum Speed 5000 RPM

O/P LOGIC Signal:

E-Voltage,F-Push-pull,C-Open Collector,L-Line Driver,A-Wide Voltage Line Driver


Elevator Encoders, Cross Flow Fan, Door Detector Sensor, Rotary Encoder