Electrode (Antistatic Bars)

On modern high speed Technology design used in discharge Electrode (Antistatic Bars) it became possible to produce more efficient result to solve the static problems, Sparking, sticking, improper sealing, wrapping loose winding, attracting air borne dust particles, and even shock to the operators may occur, This reduces the efficiencies and deteriotes the quality of the products, There are many methods to remove the static electricity, Among them the neutralization, of static charges has been most effective, Accumulated static charges are neutrlized by stream of electrodes. Earthing to machine to some extent may remove static charges & cleaning brush to remove to the dust is not permanent solution, Hence neutralization is only remedy to remove the charges completely during process.


  • The modern design give high performance & completely durable operation
  • Built with sharp emmitters for better long term performance
  • Emmitters at 20 mm pitch provide for must intense field of static neutralisation
  • Robust construction ensures a long life of high performance
  • Simple to install, with provide two nos mounting studs for fixing
  • Operating distance upto 25mm, Anti static bar can be designed in different lengths to satisfy the requirements of need of application


  • Pouch Packaging & Tubing M/cs
  • Coating & Laminating M/cs
  • Plastic bag making M/cs
  • Sheeting, Sleeting & rewind M/cs
  • Form Fill Seal M/cs
  • Wrapping, Stenter M/cs
  • Paper Production , Blow Film m/cs
  • Blow Film, Cast film & Extrusion M/cs

General Technical Specification

  • Aluminum profile : 38 X 38mm SQ & 32 X32 mm C type , Length : 50mm to 6000 mm
  • Operating Distance : 5-25mm
  • Emitters Pins : 304 SS
  • Construction : Powder Coated Aluminum profile, acrylic and hardened etched emitters,
  • Cable: High Tension Flexible cable, capacity of 30kv,
  • Maximum current 5ma from Static Eliminator controller,
  • Cable length : 3mtr H.V cable
  • Insulation resistance: < 50 M ohmes
  • Protection Classification : IP65
  • Ambient Temperature : 60 Deg C

Different types of Electrodes:

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Electrode-Single SINGLE ELECTRODE This type of Electrodes to use in high performance machine, Wrapping, Warping, Sealing & Stenter M/cs.
Electrode-Sandwitch SANDWICH ELECTRODE Stenter, Paper, Plastic and rubber mfrs M/cs.
Electrode-Ring RING ELECTRODE Form Fill Seal M/cs, Pouch Packing & Tubing M/cs.
Electrode-Nozzel NOZZLE ELECTRODE High performance nozzle type electrodes suitable for neutralizing the sttic charge & removing dust on objects.