Stepper Motor Drive


We are offering new generation stepper driver, Due to the adoption of the advanced Bipolar constant - Current chopper driver technology, It perform stable operation, Provides excellent high torque, Moreover, It significantly reduces the noises and vibration of the operating Motor, We applies drives to 2 Phase & 4 Phase motor 0.4Amp to 8.2Amp with diffrent kind of Micro step The maximum micro step is 51200 step /Rev (micro step 1/256) The Peak Operating Current 1.0Amp to 8.2Amp and the output current has different setting of DIP switches.


  • Protection of Over Voltage, Under Voltage & over current.
  • Micro Step Resolution programable.
  • Multi stepping allows a low resolution step into produce a higher micro-step output, for smoother motor movement.
  • Soft start with ‘’NO’’ Jump when power ON.
  • Suitable for 2 Phase and 4 Phase Motors.
  • Supply Voltage up to 230VAC, 50Hz.
  • TTL Compatible and optically isolated input.
  • Output Current programable, From 0.4 to 8.2Amp, It can also be set via DIP switches.
  • Pulse input Frequency up to 200KHz.


  • Suitable for a wide range of stepper motors, From NEMA16 to 42H.
  • It can be applied in variety of automation equipment and Instruments.
  • Labeling Machine, Cutting Machine, Packing Machine, Engrawing Machine & CNC m/cs.

Stepper Driver:

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Stepper-Drive-804 B-804
B-806 B-806
E-5042 -1 E-5042
E-2060DC 1 E-2060
Stepper-Drive-DM2282_Web E-2282

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