DC Tachogenerator

General Description:

EXCELLA have been continuously manufacturing over 45 years, The DC Tachogenerator is type of electrical type of Tachogenerators which can also be used for speed measurement and feedback purpose.

Tachogenerator is an Electric Generator that provides voltage propertional to the speed, Those sensors are presented in different mechanical adoptions & Frame size, & also in various electrical Characteristics i.e Voltage output range is 3 - 200VDC @1000 RPM, Rotating Speed up to 10000 rpm.


  • Machine Tools.
  • Handling & Lifting Systems.
  • Paper Manufacturing Machinery.
  • Textile Machines, Glass production Line.
  • Rolling Mills & Railway Industries etc.


  • Robust Design.
  • Very Low Ripple rate over the whole speed range.
  • Long life copper track commutator.
  • Precise Copper winding.
  • Precise output & High performanace.
  • ALNICO Permanent magnet, for excellent long term stability.
  • Available in Flange & foot Mounting.

Standard Technical Data Sheets:

I Max
Max Speed
PDF Download
E-4001 E-4001 50V@1000rpm 70mA 4000 rpm General purpose & economical model
E-444_burned E-444 60V@1000 rpm 180mA 5000 rpm Equivalent to hubner & Radio Energy Tachogenerator.
dc-2510 E-2510 100V@1000rpm 100 mA 4000 rpm Equivalent to BD-2510 Tachogenerator.
DC-TachoE-K10A2 E-K10A2 80V@1000rpm 180mA 8000 rpm Equivalent to MEZ K10A2, Suitable for Horizontal boring m/cs.
DC-SM-60 E-SM60 30V@1000 rpm 30mA 3000 rpm General purpose only.

DC Tachogenerator, Elevator Encoders