DC - DC Converter

DC-DC Converters widely use for industrial control & remote DC power supply system, Switching systems, Railway Communication, Display screens, Monitoring Equipment, Portable instrument, Medical Instruments, Automatic control devices, Digital circuit, Communication interface converter etc.


  • Robust design for harsh environments.
  • High efficiency up to 90% at full rated Load Current.
  • Operating Input Range : 12V-220VDC.
  • Output Power Range 35Watt to 1.5KW.

Upto 300Watt:

I/p Supply O/p Voltage Technical Details
24VDC 24V/10A
48V 12V/20A
48V 24V/10A
48V 48V/5A
110V 12V/20A
110V 24V/10A
220V 24V/10A

Upto 1500Watt:

I/p Supply O/p Voltage Technical Details
24VDC 24V/20A
24V 48V/10A
48V 24V/20A
220V 24V/20A
220V 48V/10A
220V 24V/50A
220V 110V/10A

DC DC Converter, Motion Control Device