The CAB load weighing system provides the most precise solution for controlling the weight in any type of lift.The reliability of this solution means it is recommended for any installation in which it is necessary to control the load with a high level of accuracy,such as installations which require the detection of "presence" inside the cabin.This solution is recommended for any new installation,or installations in which a high level of accuracy and reliabilty is required.


  • Automatic calibration,meaning no need for test weights.
  • Unparelled accuracy & reliability.
  • 2 programmable relay output for Full load & Overload.
  • No need for Maintenance.
  • Suitable for upto 8 sensors.
  • Cabin indicator Output.
  • Capacities:
    (Maximum total weight = Cabin+Persons)
    4 Installed sensors-3200 Kg.
    6 Installed sensors-4800 Kg.
    8 Installed sensors-6400 Kg.


  • Supply Voltage                    : 230 VAC
  • Relay Contacts                    : 250VAC 3A
  • Operating Capacity(RC)     : 800 Kg/Sensor
  • Safe Load                             : 150% RC
  • Operating Temperature    : -10Degree Celcius/50Degree Celcius

Elevator Cabin Sensor, Excella Electronics, Proximity Sensor