The VG beam sensor takes weight measurements through the deflection of the cresshead beam on which it is mounted.This solution is particularly recommended for large cabins and freight lifts due to the fact that it has unlimited capacity.This solution can be used both for new installations and modernizations.


  • Calibration with test weights.
  • Recommended for high capacity installations.
  • Unlimited Capacity.
  • Integrated SW to correct weight increases due to compensating chain.
  • 3 programmable relay output for Presence,Full load & Overload.
  • Display to Visualize the real weight.
  • LM3D Options:
    Analogue output in mA(0-20,0-24 & 4-20).
    Voltage Output(+/- 10VDC)or(+/- 5VDC) or (0-10 VDC)or(0-5 VDC) or (-10/0/+10VDC)
  • Communications available:RS485.
  • Cabin indicator output.


  • Supply Voltage                    : 230 VAC
  • Disabling Input                    : 24-230 VAC/DC
  • Relay Contacts                    : 250VAC 3A
  • Operating Capacity(RC)     : Unlimited
  • Safe Load                             : 150% RC
  • Operating Temperature    : -10Degree Celcius/50Degree Celcius

Elevator Control Panel, Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor