• Capacitive Touch Technology.
  • Scratch Resistant.
  • Smooth Touch & Multi Colour Touchbuttons
  • Long Life — No Limit on no. of Operations
  • Designer Aesthetic look.
  • Customizable
  • Material Use — Acrylic
  • Suitable Display Space for Seven Segment, Dotmatrix and 5" Blue LCD


  • Serial Type
  • 4 Wire Interface
  • Touch would Communicate on 4 Wire with Mediator Card for Parallel Panel and Mediator Card gives Signals to Parallel Controller. Voltage Shall be 12Volt or 24Volt.
  • Dimensions — COP - 200mm x 700mm upto G + 11 200mm x 1100mm upto G + 23 LOP - 90mm x 270mm
  • Pushbutton Led — High Intensive
  • Temperature Range —0 to 50°C

Touch Lop-Cop,Flexible shaft coupling,Flock Printing Machine

Automatic Rescue Device,Battery Charger,Bldc Motor,BLDC Motor with Controller

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