We are manufacturer’s of flexible Shaft couplings, for adjusting the itself misalignment of two shafts, Features includes one piece construction made of aluminum alloys, or stainless steel material, Flange or Screw type clamping, Offset adjustment up to 5 deg. & parallel upto 0.2, No backlash with constant velocity transmission.


  • Connect & Transmit power from a driving shaft to a driven shaft.
  • Manage to compensate for totally shaft misalignment.
  • Angular, Offset, Axial movement.


These couplings are widely used to couple tachogenerator, Encoder, Robotics/CNC Machine Tools & Other Motion control instruments.

Housing Material :

  • Anodized Aluminium, S.S & PVC Plastics.

  • Spiral Flexible Shaft Coupling
    Bellow Coupling


    • MS / SS spiral coupling also available.
    • Indian & Import equivalent also available.