Hybrid Stepper Motors

Hybrid Stepper Motors


Stepper Motor is a kind of electrical pulses into angular displacment of the implementing agencies, when stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it drives stepper motor rotate in the direction set by fix point of view (and the step angle) the number of pulses to control the angular displacement through the control, to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning, Also can control the pulse frequency to control motor rotation speed & acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of speed.

  • High Torque Density
  • High Torque to inertia for quicker start and stops
  • Rugged design and long life bearing
  • Higher Power, rare earth magnets
  • Holding Torque up to 30Nm
  • Smallest Frame size of 39mm square
  • Frame size up to 110mm square
  • Single Shaft / Double Shaft are available
  • Range: 650 gcm to 300Kgcm
  • Step Angle Accuracy : ±5 %
  • Type : Unipolar / Bipolar
  • Plastic Bag Making & labeling machines
  • Orientation For Tube Filling & Sealing Machine
  • Robotic Pick And Place Applications
  • Rotary / Linear Indexer, Cut To Length Applications
  • X-Y Table
  • Engraving machines, Embroidery Machines
  • Print Registration For Label Printing Machine
  • Hot Foil Stamping, Machine Tools, Special Purpose Machines
  • Horizontal Form Fill Seal Packing Machine

Suitable for a wide range of stepper motors, from NEMA size 16 to 42. It can be used in various kind of machine.


Model Holding Torque kgcm Drawings
16H-20-04-4A 0.65 button
16H-34-04-4A 1.8 button
17H-48-10-6A 3.4 button
17H-48-10-4A 4.2 button
23H-56-10-4A 7.2 button
23H-56-10-6B 7.2 button
23H-64-28-4A 10 button
23H-76-28-4B 20 button
23H-76-28-4A 20 button
Model Holding Torque kgcm Drawings
23H-100-30-4A 25 button
34H-78-30-4A 34 button
34H-100-40-4A 48 button
34H-126-50-4A 78 button
34H-155-50-4A 87 button
42H-125-60-4A 150 button
42H-150-60-4A 220 button
42H-201-80-4A 300 button

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