AC Tachogenerator

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AC Tachogenerator is throughly engineered speed Transducer for industrial application, An electromechanical generator is a device capable of producing electrical power from mechanical energy, usually the turning of the shaft. It Features extreme linearity, wide speed range & capabilities required in industrial application.

2 Pole & 48 pole AC Tachogenerator, Voltage provides an output from 3 to 50VAC @1000rpm & 2 & 24 pulses per revolution, An important design feature is that the high grade aluminum castings.

Well propertioned shaft dia 6 /8/10/12mm, Liberally selected widely space & pre loaded ball bearings, All contribute to ensure structural rigidity and defendable performance.

Tachogenerator are frequently used to measure the speed of electric motors, engines & the equipment they power, convyer belts, machine tools, mixers, fan etc.

  • Compact design, Light weight, aluminium casting.
  • ALNICO permanent magnet, for excellent long term stability.
  • Precise copper winding.
  • Precise output & High performance.
  • Low Impedance output with power delivering capacity of more than 4 watt.
  • Available in flange & Foot mounting.
  • O/p Voltage:3 to 50 VAC @ 1000 rpm.
  • Nos of Poles: 2 Pole & 48 Pole.
  • Load Current : 5 - 50mA.
  • Max Speed: 4000 rpm.
  • Accuracy :± 5%.
  • Operating Temperature: -10, + 60 Deg C.
  • Ingress Protection: IP54.
  • Magnet : Permanant Magnet Alnico.
  • Speed Control & regulation, machine tools, mixers, fan etc.

AC Tachogenerator


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